February 25, 2007

It's Oscar Night - Awards Show Junkies Unite

It's 11:33 a.m. CST, and E! has already started it's red carpet coverage. Let me repeat, E! is my Oscar coverage dealer, and understands my need to have at least eight hours of pre-Oscar fix before the giant shoot-up begins. Followed by two more hours of post-Oscar party fever. After which, I will fall back on the sofa and revel in the precious hours of my life that I have invested in my pal Oscar.

Alas, I have found a reveler in kind. Each day I receive my awards show report via Google, which helps with blog entry ideas. Imagine my surprise when yesterday up popped a fellow awards show junkie. Rebecca Keister, staff writer for the Sun Chronicle, expressed her similar obsession with awards show viewing. She doesn't realize it yet, but I feel like we're journalistic mental twins. Hopefully she'll leave a comment on Monday morning, once she recovers from her Academy Award sized hangover. Either that or she'll be filing a protective order.



Anonymous said...

Look at me, I am leaving a comment. Does your counter let you know that you have a counter, huh, huh does it now????

Looks like Margo will be a no show. What are you doing tomorrow evening? Wanna come over as all the boys in my family will be up north. Wine? DVD? I know you want to.

No more simple emails for me, I will now communicate only through blogger. HA!

Anonymous said...

There was no spell check and my puncuation sucks. I don't think I can spell puncuation correctly without spell check!