February 10, 2007

Netflix and Oscar: A Match Made in Heaven

As an avid fan of Netflix for several years (after nearly losing my house to Blockbuster due to extensive late fees), it behooves me that other video rental agencies are attempting to infringe upon Netflix's ingenious idea to mail me movies. Am I in support of a movie rental-by-mail monopoly? Yes, yes I am.

My dreams aside, rather than stoop to the level of those "other" video rental facilities, Netflix has risen to the occasion and jumped in the sack with the most respected and anticipated annual award show programming - the Academy Awards.

The term "strange bedfellows" does not apply here. In fact there could not be two more appropriate film lovers snuggling up under the covers with a giant bowl of popcorn than Netflix and Oscar. The campaign is huge and if you want to get in on the fun, the audience participation portion information can be found here.

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