December 29, 2007

Globes, Oscars Feel the Wrath of the WGA

The looming question as to whether the writer's strike will effect awards show programming has been answered. It all began with a tiny snowflake that has slowly, slowly tumbled down the Hollywood Hills resulting in a giant snowball that threatens to push the Academy Awards back into the spring, and perhaps derail the Golden Globes all together.

Initially, the WGA denied a request from the Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes) to use union writers for scripted portions of the show and the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences was denied the ability to use previous awards show footage, reports Deadline Hollywood Daily.

Hollywood Today indicates that the Screen Actors Guild has been encouraging its members to boycott major awards shows like the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. This includes targeting awards nominees themselves, which could mean that no big stars will grace the red carpet or be around to make acceptance speeches. The guild defends it stance by stating, "We will continue to do everything in our power to bring industry negotiations to a fair conclusion. In the meantime, we are grateful for the ongoing support of the Hollywood talent community."

In a later report, Hollywood Today put a number on the face of those actors that will not cross the picket line in support of their own work at the upcoming Golden Globes. That number is astonishing in it's solidarity; seventy actors refuse to participate in the show. Now seventy may not seem like a lot, but it represents every last nominated actor. Every single one. I think the Golden Globes are in trouble.

Final: No Stars for Golden Globes as Striking Writers, Actors Say No Telecast and Globes: 70 Stars Say We Won't Go [Hollywood Today]

December 22, 2007

SAG Adds Stunts to its Nominee Roster

After recently viewing the bonus features on The Kingdom DVD, it was clear to me why SAG decided to recognize exceptional stunt work in film and television. The film is more CSI: Saudi Arabia than a commentary about the devastation of war.

Director, Peter Berg (adorable as Dexter Rutecki in Aspen Extreme), choreographs a heart-stopping car chase that propels the story forward just when you thought it was winding down. The talent of the stunt crew is evident when you learn that much of The Kingdom was filmed using hand held cameras. It really is a credit to the Screen Actors Guild to ask the actors that work with these stunt ensembles to select a movie or TV series that otherwise may not get recognized in an already established category. Good thinkin' SAG!

The Bourne Ultimatum, I Am Legend, 300 and The Pirates if the Caribbean: At World's End were nominated alongside The Kingdom in the categories of Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series. Heroes, 24, Lost, Rome and The Unit received nominations for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture.

The stunt winners will be presented with their awards on the red carpet just prior to the show on January 27, 2008 as part of a pre-show web cast on and

Check for a full listing of the SAG Awards nominations on their website.

December 13, 2007

Globe Nominations Leave Oscar Race More Uncertain

After months of speculation, the announcement of the 65th annual Golden Globe nominations this morning has left one thing clear, Atonement, is a bonafide front runner and Oscar contender. The film, based on the novel by Ian McEwan, received seven nominations including Best Motion Picture - Drama and actress and actor nods for Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. The uncertainty presents itself when we examine what films were missed for Golden Globe recognition.

Into the Wild was completely overlooked in all categories except Best Original Score and Best Original Song. Whether this quashes any hope for Academy Award nomination or actually opens the film up for Oscar contention is yet to be seen. The same theory may also hold true for other overlooked movies such as Knocked Up and Waitress. Who needs a golden globe when you can have a golden man?

Another interesting snub comes in the form of Homer Simpson. As a longstanding television show (having stood the longest throughout prime time series history), The Simpsons have never been nominated for a Golden Globe in any television category, ever. Despite being entwined in superlative hell, The Simpsons Movie captured the hearts and minds of the Hollywood Foreign Press voters and snagged a nomination over weaker competition (read Alvin and the Chipmunks and Meet the Robinsons). Improvement is still needed in the realm of motion capture when what should be a visually stunning film like Beowolf fails to impress against more traditional animation. As for Shrek the Third, three times just wasn't a charm.

The 80th Annual Academy Award nominations will be revealed on January 22, 2008. Let's hold any unfounded speculation until that time.

December 12, 2007

Send Your Best Poetry To Writer's Digest

The Writer's Digest writing competitions run fast and furious nearly all year long, however, this one offers an opportunity for poets alone and it's the only one of its kind. Submit your poetry by the Dec. 20th deadline, and keep it under 32 lines. The entry fee is $10 and the first place prize is $500. First through tenth place will also be published in the August 2008 issue of Writer's Digest. For more info on how you can receive recognition for the poet within, visit their website!

December 11, 2007

Can Awards Success Equal Superstar Status?

Writer Stefania Marghitu, over at the Indiana Daily Student ( brings up a valid point. Do the big time awards shows and the accolades we bestow upon actors, directors and musicians really make a difference throughout the life of their career?

Marghitu takes the position that these awards don't matter, and in the grand scheme of things they probably don't.....much. But in the wide world of entertainment, they do mean a heck of a lot more than Marghitu lets on.

Take Lily Allen for instance. She has released one album, Alright, Still (2006 in the U.K. and 2007 in the U.S.). This album earned Allen a BRIT Awards nomination, was certified triple-platinum on the U.K. charts and gold in the U.S. These are significant achievements in the music industry and with no sophmoric release to date we can hardly name Allen a falling star. In fact, she was recently nominated for a 2008 Grammy Award in the Best Alternative Music category, which she may even stand a good chance of winning (up against Bjork, The White Stripes, The Shins and Arcade Fire).

Another alleged victim of the awards show "curse" as described by Marghitu is Cuba Gooding Jr. In 1997 he was nominated and won the Academy Award for his supporting actor role as Rod Tidwell in Jerry McGuire. Since that time, various movies in which he held roles have gone on to exceptional box office success (which translates to marketability), including Pearl Harbor (over $198 mil.), As Good As it Gets (over $148 mil.) and critically acclaimed American Gangster ($46.3 mil in the first three days).

Because I have a blog which is entirely based on awards and awards shows, I may be a little biased as to whether or not they play a part in launching an artist into the stratosphere. I'd like to think that people tend to take notice when a performer puts on a kick-ass show on the CMA's or the Grammy's. Or, we're more likely to see a film that Felicity Huffman stars in because she won an Emmy for a role she played on TV.

Awards, schmawards []

December 10, 2007

2007 Awards Season to Remember

The awards show season is in full swing, but 2007 is nearly over. I look to you, loyal readers to help remind me of some of your favorite/controversial/awkward/laughable awards show moments of this past year.

Britney horrified at the MTV Music Awards. Sarah Silverman skewered Paris Hilton during the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. The Dixie Chicks won big at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards despite coming under fire for previous anti-Bush comments, and Isaiah Washington made a few questionable comments of his own backstage at the Golden Globes.

Let me know which juicy-juicy contusions you'd like to relive for the 2007 Self-Injurious Awards Season Moments.

December 06, 2007

Will Winehouse Make it to the Grammy's?

Or, as an alternate blog heading....Why on Earth Was Winehouse Nominated Even Once, Let Alone Many, Many Times.

My conclusion: the Recording Academy does not read or watch TMZ.

If they did, it would be clear that the prospect of Amy Winehouse winning any of the six 2008 Grammy's for which she is now nominated, will cause more gastro-intestinal malaise than actually watching her perform on the show. If she shows up that is (her rep told that she "is determined to be ready and well for that performance"). The singer is in rough shape. She flubbed a recent performance at the MTV Europe Awards and she's reportedly in rehab after clearing her calendar for 2007.

There she is, trying to break-out her imprisoned boyfriend, Blake Fielder-Civil so they can attend the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2008 together. Thanks, TMZ.

Other notable Grammy hopefuls include Kanye West with eight noms, Bruce Springsteen with four nominations, although not for album of the year!, and Carrie Underwood with two nominations.