April 30, 2007

Would You Know A Drama Desk If You Saw One?

Kristin Chenoweth, a 2007 Razzie Award nominee, will be hosting the Drama Desk Awards on May 20. If you find it unusual that you've never heard of an awards show that is now in its 52nd installment, you are not alone. Let's explore together.

The Drama Desk Awards were created to counteract the Tony Awards, which bestow recognition on Broadway productions only. Off-Broadway and off-off Broadway productions are eligible for a Drama Desk nomination, but not for a Tony. I can feel the learning happening. If you were taking the SAT, it would look something like this:

Drama Desk Award :: Tony Award as Independent Spirit Award :: ____________?

If you said Academy Award, congrats! If you said something else, then you probably went to a State University and now work at a job you despise. It's not my fault.

While you may not have heard of the Drama Desk awards, you will be familiar with nominations for some of your favorite (and notable) movie and television stars. Ever wonder what Sandra Oh of Grey's Anatomy does when she's not sewing up bodies? Or ponder the whereabouts of David Hyde Pierce since Frasier wrapped up three years ago? Why they're flexing their acting chops and wishing for a win at the Drama Desk Awards, that's what.

2007 Drama Desk Nominees Announced, LoveMusik Leads Pack [Broadway World]

April 28, 2007

Silverman at the Helm of 'MTV Movie Awards'

Sarah Silverman, comedienne du jour, has a potty mouth. Mark Burnett, reality tv kingpin, has balls the size of watermelons. Put them together and the MTV viewership is in for one wild ride during the live telecast of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards on June 3. Live. Live. Live.

If MTV execs are sweatin' this sure-as-shit spectacle in the making, their not lettin' on. Like a proud momma, Christina Norman MTV president is offering up praise for the risque Silverman, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Its likely this will be a train wreck worth watching, and if episodes of Intervention are any indication, enabling parental figures are key to the equation.

While Jessica Alba was an audience draw at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards for obvious reasons, Silverman has a two-fold approach -- gutter-floating sludge nuggets of humor and her looks are nothin' to shake a stick at. Delightful.

Silverman hosting MTV Movie Awards [The Hollywood Reporter]