February 24, 2008

'Juno' Wins Best Picture at Spirit Awards

There once was a quirky little film, swaddled in orange stripes, that put an unexpected spin on teenage pregnancy. Somewhere in there, Juno had a message, but thanks to its screenwriter, Diablo Cody, the viewer felt neither tired by rhetoric nor battered about the head.

At the Independent Spirit Awards last night, Juno was a triple threat, earning top honors in the Best Picture category, recognition for Ellen Page as Best Female Lead and deserved Best First Screenplay win.

In addition to its critical acclaim, and despite a modest budget ($7 mil.), Juno has delivered at the box-office, bringing in over $160 mil. in ticket sales world-wide. The last time an indie film performed this well was back in 2002 when My Big Fat Greek Wedding generated $241.1 mil. in sales.

As much as I love the film, and admire Cody for doing what few novice writers are able these days (let alone female screenwriters), I'm not sure Juno will fair as well at the Academy Awards tonight. I do hope that hamburger phone makes an appearance, or maybe even announces an award or two.

'Juno' Scores at Spirit Awards [The Envelope]

February 19, 2008

What Could Be Better Than an Oscar Widget?

I've noticed quite a bit of recent traffic on a previous post on Academy Award trivia, so in light of new widget-ry technology, I've added this post for all to enjoy. Now slide your gaze to the right a smidge and vote for the most likely Best Picture winner.

February 13, 2008

The Oscars Valentine Gift to the Masses

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' hearts are filled with love on this, the eve of Valentine's Day. Academy president, Sid Ganis issued this statement today via press release and announced a press conference scheduled for tomorrow that will reveal "many, many details" about the Oscar telecast.

"I am relieved that the men and women of the entertainment industry are going back to work and I am ecstatic that the 80th Academy Awards presentation can now proceed full steam ahead with talented writers working on the show, a fantastic array of presenters and performers and, most importantly, the ability for all of our honored nominees to attend without hesitation or discomfort."

Despite the news that the Oscars will go on, the New York Post reports, Vanity Fair and their big smashing party has been cancelled. This announcement was made prior to the end of the writer's strike, and it's doubtful they can turn that hulking ship around. It is thee party of the night. The injustice is almost more then I can bear. Or is it bare? Let's hope this is clarified for me during the press conference tomorrow morning at Academy headquarters.

For all you future Oscar winners; the Governor's Ball Party is still on. Defamer tackled Wolfgang Puck's menu with more wit then I could muster at this late juncture. Now that the writer's are back on, my formerly hysterical and carefully plotted blog will have all new episodes posts within eight to ten weeks.

Awww.... I kid, I kid.

Screw You, 'Vanity Fair' Party: The Oscars Governor's Ball is On and More Delicious Than Ever [Defamer]