September 24, 2006

Rewarding Stupidity

The winners for 4th Annual World Stupidity Awards have been revealed! I love that there are awards for stupidity! I love that there is an actual ceremony and that awards are accepted on the winners behalf because the winner was not in attendance. I love that President Bush has his own category of stupid statements so he's guaranteed to win. I love that Bulgaria is pissed that they didn't win any awards and snark about it here. Only area for improvement regarding the stupidity awards is to bring back the Dumbest Governement of the Year award. The Canadians took it from us last year; I think we have a chance to knock them off their high horse, and reclaim victory for our proud nation.


September 23, 2006

Conspiracy theory: AMA tickets not available

The American Music Awards, one of the few legit award shows that allows the public to select the winners, is apparently barring the public from joining in the festivities at the Shrine Auditorium. In previous years, tickets for floor or balcony seating were available through Ticketmaster or various online brokers. After a thorough search of the internet, it appears that no tickets are available anywhere?? I have sent a request for pricing information to to see if they actually have tickets available. I also sent a request to for information regarding the availability of tickets to the show. If you have information that can unravel this mystery, let me know!

UPDATE: I spoke with Melissa at Dick Clark Productions and she assured me that tickets would be available in the next 2-3 weeks through TicketMaster.


September 15, 2006

Popeye was wrong

The award for the most unhealthy healthy food goes to spinach! The award for most creative color coding of a visual goes to CNN. I guess soilent green is spinach, not people. Blech!


September 10, 2006

Dory's voice to Oscar host

A few hours ago, I was blow drying my hair thinking about how the Academy Awards could possibly get any better. This also got me thinking what a great brainstorming activity blow drying my hair is and that I should consider washing my hair more often. Not freakish OCD often, but more than twice a week should give me ample weekly brainstorming time. But I digress. There is always room for improvement, even where the Academy Awards are concerned. Perhaps Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could get married during the telecast, or a drunken Mel Gibson would rush the stage and flash photos of baby Suri. Or maybe, just maybe Ellen DeGeneres could host! Now I realize that Ellen DeGeneres as host seems too good to be true, and when I think of something that's too good to be true I frequently replay the ol' when something seems too good to be true it probably is adage in my mind. In this case Ellen DeGeneres as host of the 79th Academy Awards seems too good to be true, but it IS true. Which leads me to the power of positive thinking, which also seems too good to be true. By the way, lovely photo on the press release, Ellen!

September 09, 2006

Celebrity moms beware!

Katie, quit you're whining! Suri, we want to see you now!! Lun Lun (pronounced loon-loon), you are the kinda celebrity mom that we dream about! You lay in your little panda nest and have your baby on display for all the world to see immediately following a very noisy birth. With a live camera on you 24/7 , we watch your every stretch and stroke as you cuddle your tiny infant, encouraging and coaxing it to nurse. So the award for most fabulous celebrity mom goes to Lun Lun at the Atlanta Zoo! We anxiously anticipate the tiny panda baby's name, but we bet it won't be Suri. You can watch the live feed here.