April 25, 2008

Winehouse Arrested Following Novello Nom

When we last left Amy Winehouse, she was crawling under fences and being shot across the universe to appear via satellite at the 2008 Grammy Awards. Despite her struggles with addiction and her drug-induced performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Winehouse has shown moments of clarity as a songwriter. She'll be a triple threat at the 53rd Ivor Novello Awards with Love is a Losing Game, You Know I'm No Good and Rehab.

This years' Novello Awards nominations are not the first for Winehouse, as she has won twice before; in 2004 and 2007 Best Contemporary Song category for Stronger Than Me and Rehab respectively. Her success in the awards show arena, while bolstering her songwriting credibility, has done little to boost confidence in Winehouse's public persona and ability to kick her drug habit (not to mention incarcerated husband escape plan hatching)....

This just in....Pink is the New Blog is reporting (that People is reporting) that Amy Winehouse was arrested today. Weeeee! This is better than the rumored James Bond/Winehouse connection.

Amy Winehouse Up for Three Novello Awards [Telegraph]
Amy Winehouse Nominated for Three Ivor Novello Awards [Times Online]

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