April 24, 2008

Christmas Giveth, BAFTA Taketh Away

The 2008 BAFTA Games Awards have been cancelled and this time, the writer's strike is not to blame. In fact, if you're looking for someone to blame -- and you always are -- blame Christmas.

Yes, my news saavy following, there was no writer's strike in the U.K., but there was and is Christmas. That blessed holiday of giving is now in the spirit of taking away, and it seems video gaming elves are too busy coding for the masses than for an awards nomination.

Susan Arendt with the Wired Blog Network clarifies, "Rather than wind up with a group of nominees that didn't truly represent the year's best in gaming, BAFTA decided the wise choice would be to simply cancel this year's awards, and try to schedule the 2009 awards at a more developer-friendly time of year."

If you're a gamer and find yourself at a loss as to what to do with the 2008 holiday season, now that the BAFTA Games Awards have been postponed, you might find yourself donating to charity. Put the give back in Christmas.

BAFTA Cancels 2008 Videogame Awards [Wired Blog Network]

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