January 24, 2008

World Stupidity at a Glance

I've been monitoring the status of the 5th Annual World Stupidity Awards closely, but apparently not close enough, as they've up and redone their website and made their nominations and awarded the winners. Right under our imbecilic noses.

Awards shows were well represented in several categories, with the surprise inverted-reality-TV-suplex-slam administered by Danny Bonaduce on Jonny Fairplay taking Dumbest Moment of the Year. Britney Spears rightfully reigned supreme in the Stupidity Award for Making a Stupid Situation Stupider for her performance (or lack thereof) at the MTV Music Video Awards.

Miss South Carolina, who's response to a question about the inability of Americans to located the United States on a world map, earned her the crown of Stupidest Statement of the Year and settled the beauty over brains pageant debate once and for all. Let's hope the same 20% of Americans have more success finding YouTube and the video of Miss Lauren Caitlin Upton, as I'm not about to relive this nightmare.

And finally, the Television Industry in its entirety was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Stupidity. Now that's a whole lotta stupid.

Just one minor complaint, the name of the game at the Stupidity Awards, is stupidity on a global scale. However, the U.S. dominated every category. We took home every top prize and I'm. Not. Bragging. World Stupidity Awards my ass. Call a spade, a spade you morons. Or maybe we're just that good.

5th Annual World Stupidity Awards [press release]

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