January 21, 2008

Today the Razzies, Tomorrow the Oscars

First comes the Razzies then comes the Oscars, then comes Eddie and Lindsey in a baby carriage. Suckin' their thumb.......sing along on your own time.

If you're Eddie Murphy, ya have to take the bad with the good. Oscar nom one year, Norbit the next. Oh so far to fall. If you're Lindsey Lohan, you were barely able to get one foot out of the gutter and up on the curb before ya slip on the slimy shit of your own making back to your rightful place. Harsh, I know, but I've gotten myself off on a tangent.

Officially known as the Golden Rasberry Awards, the Razzies have faithfully heralded the short-comings of Hollywood's elite. Previous winners include, Ben Affleck, Jack Nicholson, Christopher Walken and aptly named Halle Berry.

Murphy is nominated multiple times for each of his equally horrendous roles in Norbit. Founder of the Razzies, John Wilson, told CNN, "We decided that each of his characters were so offensive that he deserved individual nominations."

Sharon Stone is in direct competition with Lohan in the worst actress category for her role in worst film contender Basic Instinct 2. This is not the first time Stone has been nominated, winning two Razzies in 1994 for The Specialist and Intersection. Wilson gave FoxNews this yummy morsel, "She's what we call a Razzie repeat offender. Perhaps even a recidivist." If you don't recall either of these two flicks, count your lucky stars.

By the way, Rachel McAdams was the real break-out star of Mean Girls.

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