October 03, 2007

Celebrity Smackdown: Bonaduce vs. Fairplay

Just when you thought it was safe to hug Danny Bonaduce, it wasn't. During last night's Reality Remix Really Awards, overzealous Bonaduce fan, Survivor's very own Jonny Fairplay, attempted the well-known "flying embrace" and was swatted face first to the ground, TMZ reports. Ouch.

What was unclear, however, was how Bonaduce could have felt threatened by an armful of Fairplay. As the pic below illustrates, Jonny Fairplay weighs a mere five lbs. soaking wet. The fear of being pooped on might have thrown Bonaduce over the edge, and removing Fairplay's bum from his person became an urgent priority.

While it may serve as a nominal distraction to continue this speculation of Bonaduce's motives, again, TMZ comes to the rescue and clarifies. Adrienne Curry started this whole mess by encouraging Bonaduce to get up on stage and inform Fairplay of his douche-bag status.

Curry, a reality tv whore monger herself (winner of America's Next Top Model) brags about the incident on her blog.

The 2nd Annual Reality Remix Really Awards show will air on October 13, 2007, but I bet heavy editing of the smackdown will deprive us all of this memorable 2007 awards show event.

UPDATE: Inside Edition has exclusive video of the onstage heave-ho, which aired on tonight's episode. I suspect it will be posted here, but at the time of this update, the video link was not yet active.


Anonymous said...

I think I want to sleep with Jonny Fairplay. Did Trichelle ever sleep with him or am I confused on that?

Harper Luu said...

Is this Tonya of Real World fame? And I think you already did sleep with him. Because there are only three people on the planet Trichelle hasn't slept with (slight exaggeration!), the answer is yes.