November 04, 2006

Fox Awards Reality with Reality Remix Really Awards

Say that five times fast. Not sure what the word "really" is doing in the title, except to attempt the most ridiculous, retch-inducing, random act of allite-ration in the history of award show programming. Well done, Fox, well done.

Kennedy, of MTV fame hosted the night. Poor Kennedy. Where did your career go wrong? The stars (erp) from Laguna Beach were too busy, either preparing to shoot the upcoming season or continuing to sully the good name of the real Laguna Beach, to show up for the ceremony. Shame, shame.

A drunken may lay ensued (expected), and awards were dolled out in the following manner:

Favorite Fight winner - Pumpkin vs New York on Flavor of Love
Favorite Pottymouth winner - Janice Dickinson on the Surreal Life
Favorite Tears winner - Andrae Gonzalo from Project Runway
Best Shomance winner - Mike Boogie & Dr Will Kirby from Big Brother All Stars
Favorite Winner winner - BJ Averell & Tyler MacNiven from the Amazing Race
Best Hottie winner - Katherine McPhee from American Idol
Favorite Villain winner - Dr Will Kirby from Big Brother All Stars
Favorite Judge winner - Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing With the Stars
Favorite Altered State winner - Lisa DAmato from America's Next Top Model
Favorite Reality Show winner - American Idol
Favorite Non-comp Series winner - Real World Key West & Surreal Life
Favorite Competition Show winner - Big Brother All Stars
Most Memorable Reality Performer winner - Johnny Fairplay from Survivor


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