January 26, 2007

The Upside of Brain Damage - Smoking Cessation

You've chewed the gum, worn the patch, walked the steps and even smeared on the hand gel. Now your skin is smooth as a baby's behind, but its still clutching the butt end of a cigarette. Left with a deep sense of frustration and self-loathing (admit it all you traditionally inclined addicts out there, you blame everyone else but yourself), you'll go to any length, and I mean any length to quit. A new study has revealed that a small area of the brain called the insula, is the nerve center of addiction. While this is good news to scientists, it's not such great news for current smokers. The only way to create the desired effect is to damage this part of the brain in a fairly traumatic event, such as a stroke. With all hopes dashed, I feebly light up and announce the award for today's most useless scientific finding goes to the University of Southern California. Since I will be accepting the award on USC's behalf, I'd like to thank Studio 60 for planting the idea of useless scientific findings.

[Source] Fox News

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