January 21, 2007

Casinomeister Names Best and Worst of 2006

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act has not dampened the spirits of online gambling websites, and has energized Casinomeister to bestow recognition with the "...only Awards that Matter". Without further ado we delve into the previously untouched arena of casino awards:

A lawsuit was bound to be brewing in the Evil Player category of 2006, but disaster was averted by handing the award over to all evil players everywhere. Previous winners with "evil" in their monikers cried out for nomination and deservedly so, causing casinos to tighten security for evil and angelic players alike.

One way to jam a craw in the jaw of an annoying forum member is to ban them from your site for all eternity. Another is to give them the title Most Annoying Forum Member to wear like a crown of victory over all who doubted their status as "King of Annoyancropolis". Thesmacker is undoubtedly wearing said crown in an extended three-way conversation...with himself.

In a bold move, Casinomeister added the category for Most Bizarre Press Release of 2006, and the winner's press release (CasinoFortune.com) is admittedly very bizarre. But an award for a press release is so bizarre, it borders on groundbreaking. The award for Most Creative but Admittedly Bizarre Category goes to Casinomeister.

You may win big at an online casino, but collecting your winnings in a timely manner is another story. If retroactively changing your payout policy is common practice in the online gambling industry, I'd say its time for a little class action, action. At the very least the Worst Player Experience Runner-up may benefit from an investigation into his claims, and a good attorney.

And finally, in the winner-takes-all category of Best Casino 2006, the award goes to 32Red Casino in a four-year-running record landslide. As can be imagined, a successful online gambling establishment should exude trustworthiness and banish even the slightest inkling of rogue behavior from its collective thought process. See ya next year, and here's hoping 32Red Casino doesn't reappear in Casinomeister's Fall From Grace category. That would be one mighty plunge.

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