August 21, 2006

Hamburgaled..a sordid tale

And the award for the world's most expensive 1/4 lb hamburger goes to..... Wendy's. My son and I unknowingly stopped there to pick-up a burger and fries after an eventful morning of shopping at Target. My husband and I had recently revamped our monthly budget and determined that we eat out entirely too much, so I thought I'd keep the cost down by ordering two single hamburgers and 2 medium fries. No drinks. No Frosty. Not even cheese. The offending total is circled on my receipt to the left. When I pulled up to the window, I explained to the young lady that I only ordered 2 hamburgers (in the event that they had erroneously charged me for 5 burgers or something) and 2 med fries. She proceeded to explain to my horror that each hamburger was $2.59 EACH!! Holy %$@&*! I said. She calmly referred me here and motioned for me to pull ahead to make way for the next unwitting patron.

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