August 27, 2006

Get your hand out of my gift bag!

As a member of the middle income tax bracket, my heart swelled when I learned the IRS would be targeting the Hollywood set for the fair market value of their gift bag and the gifts it contains. However, as I conducted extensive research for this blog entry, I was intrigued to find that the IRS website has a link to "What's Hot" at the IRS. What the, huh?!?! My assumption that the IRS was a money hungry, bureaucratic blow-hard, squelching the meager earnings of the people has been incorrect all along. Instead, it seems the IRS web master has his finger on the pulse of the masses in regard to relevant tax pop culture. Now that I have come to terms with the hip, cool, trendy IRS - I'm adding a link to the hottest IRS news on the net.

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