August 19, 2006

58 things I like about you

In honor of the 58th annual Primetime Emmy Awards broadcasting on August 27, 2006, here's a little list to get this blog started:

  • Actress Diana Muldaur was born 58 years ago today. For those of you not familiar with her work, she received two Emmy nominations for her portrayal of no-holds-barred attorney Rosalind Shays on L.A. Law. She also played thrice divorced Dr. Katherine Pulaski on season two of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can purchase her as an action figure here. Better hurry, there's only one left.
  • 58 members of the species/subspecies Felis silvestris catus and their corresponding rectal swabs were used to determine if cats posed a risk for transmission of Salmonella. And not just any ol' Salmonella; antimicrobial drug-resistant Salmonella. The resulting results of this study are:

1. Keep your cats litter box clean

2. Wash your hands

3. Sick cats are bad

For all you cat lovers out there, and I know there are millions of you, no cat was injured during the study (at least I don't think so). Needless to say, all of the 58 cats were dead on arrival at the CDC, and had previously signed waivers that upon their demise they would happily donate their potentially Salmonella infested bodies to science.

  • And finally, please make someone very happy and go to ebay to bid on these 58 year old doctor stamps.

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