July 25, 2009

What Do MJ, Nuclear Power and Andie MacDowell Have In Common?

The Save the World Awards used their title to tongue-in-cheekily pay tribute to Michael Jackson, in which they have not saved the world by contributing to the incessant focus on his passing. Or have saved the world by producing one of the funniest, strange and weirdly honorable press releases I have read in quite some time. That doesn't make any sense.

For example:

1. The awards were hosted by Andie MacDowell, who I fell in love with all over again while watching St. Elmo's Fire with my teenage daughter a few nights ago. Ahhhh....dreamy Rob Lowe, more appropriately aged Demi Moore, and lycra on Mare Winningham's thighs.

2. A typo has Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams and Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis mubbing together.

3. Who builds a nuclear power plant, never uses it for its intended purpose and instead throws a lavish awards ceremony in it? Answer: Austria.

4. One of the environmentally friendly, eco-conscious, carbon footprint removing efforts employed at the event was composting. Most likely with one of these handy-dandy home future solar power station composters.

Not to throw into question whether Michael Jackson was charitable, but to carefully examine whether he truly 'saved the world', I found this look at his Heal the World charity interesting. Here's your chance to think for yourself.

Jackson Honoured at Awards Held in Austrian Nuclear Plant [AFP]

Is Michael Jackson's Charity a Fake? [uncivilsociety.org]

Photo credit: World Awards Media

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