July 17, 2009

VMAs Jump on the Brand Wagon -- Again!

I'm almost positive that with Russell Brand hosting the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards again this year, I will never get to the front of the library loaner line for My Bookie Wook. I am currently number 14; because I find him particularly hilarious and to maintain some sense of relevancy, I'd like to read the book before the VMA's in September. Keep your fingers crossed.

MTV points out that Brand will be hosting for the second year in a row, which is somewhat of an anomaly for VMA hosts. In the same way that his hair is an anomaly to his head. While I do want to take MTV to task for using the words 'VMA' and 'elite' in the same title, and would also like to question whether 'multi-time' is an actual world, I can respect their decision to have Brand host for a second time.

Other notable repeat hosters include: Arsenio Hall (4 consecutive), Dennis Miller (2 consecutive) and Chris Rock (3).

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