April 27, 2009

Although silence has been heard for the past seven months; no better way to breath new life into a thing then to start right here at home. In Minnesota. With the one thing I have kept a constant while movies and music have fallen to the wayside. This, despite the fact that Entertainment Weekly has taken their magazine book section and reduced it to barely a review. So relish in the revival. Sandie. The only one reading, I'm sure.

The 2009 Minnesota Book Awards, hosted by MPR's Tom Cann, was held in St. Paul a few nights ago while the world was oblivious. As was the majority of Minnesotans -- only 2,000 voters selected the nights reader's choice award, which went to The Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir by Kao Kalia Yang. This work of non-fiction that chronicles her family's story as they traveled from a Hmong refugee camp in Thailand to St. Paul, Minnesota, also won in the memoir/creative non-fiction story.

Another notable winner includes, The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson in the Children's Literature category. The tale progresses with a soothing, simple cadence and is enhanced by the unique look of the scratch board artwork illustrations. The Kay Sexton Award was given to Minnesota Historical Society's librarian, Patrick Coleman in recognition of 30 years of contributions to the literary community here in Minnesota.

While the book awards are all well and good, interestingly enough, the Minnesota Historical Society has just announced that due to lack of funding, they will cut book production and fire four staff members. Hopefully, winning the Kay Sexton Award will keep Patrick Coleman off the chopping block.

Hmong family memoir 'Latehomecomer' wins two Minnesota Book Awards; Erdrichs also honored [Pioneer Press]

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