September 23, 2007

'World Stupidity Awards' Defunct?

Fall may well be known as the season for stupidity. The ailing elderly create cardio-infarction by raking endless piles of leaves. Parents are expected to fork over astronomical amounts for school supplies and mediocre blue background Lifetouch photos with their children's hair combed within an inch of its life. And football mad-foolery begins in earnest.

Since 2003, however, autumn was also the season of The World Stupidity Awards or "Oscars of Idiocy" as they have been lovingly referred. To my dismay, nary a snark has been heard all summer about potential nominees or category changes. And I'm beginning to worry.

But the giant gaping hole of disinformation will soon be filled, as I have but one of my best sleuths on the case (me) and am awaiting a response to my requests from one of their "spokesmorons" (their word, not mine). Once I learn the fate of this most fabulous tradition of stupid-ness, I will share with you, beloved, dedicated reader. These things usually end well.

UPDATE 12/14/2007: I had almost given up hope of receiving a response to my request for more information re: the World Stupidity Awards, but low-and-behold my inbox did not disappoint this morning. Albert Nerenberg, spokesmoron, had the following to say about the whereabouts of the favorite "Oscars of Idiocy".

"Thank you for your concerned comments about the World Stupidity Awards. Although the awards have had some perilous days, they will be announced right before Christmas. Basically, the comedy festival which supported the awards, couldn't afford to stage them despite the fact they sell out every year, and told us to go and get a TV deal. That's what were working on now but it's slow progress. Needless to say, we'll be announcing an online version at Christmas and hope to have a televised version sometime in the future."

I will post more information as I receive it. And if you're some big-time TV exec who'd like to put the show on the air, and you're reading this, then have your people contact Albert's people and set this thing up. Or let's do lunch!

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