March 21, 2007

A Tale of Three Pirates of the Caribbean


The accomplishment of making an award winning film, does not always translate to a big hit at the box office. While industry players may claim contentment with either an armful of trophies or cash in the bank, you wouldn't hear anyone complaining about bringing home a whole lot of both. Disney is set to release the third installment of its Pirates of the Caribbean franchise on May 25, 2007. Is it expected to outsell 'Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest? Yo ho ho! Will this grand finale to the trilogy be overrun with accolade and kumbaya? Ahoy matie! What can money hungry, statuette loving studios learn from this treasure trove? Plenty o' gold (vaguely Irish vs Pirate, I know).

Here's the winning formula:

Cast Pirates

Now I'm not saying every award winning blockbuster has to consist of complex plots involving pirates. But it is obvious that pirates do make interesting, multi-dimensional characters who readily adapt into the nefarious villains we love and despise. Add to that the drama of pirate drinkin', pillaging, and the cleavage baring pirate fly girls and you're in for a wild ride. Audiences will gladly walk the plank, or shell out $7.50 for a ticket when they know the cost involves high seas metrosexuals. But what if you include stellar....

....Special Effects

The icing on the cake as far as movie goers are concerned, but there are also a heap of awards categories for costuming, cinematography and make-up. No shame in snagging that Oscar or Golden Globe for technical superiority, when the end result is a box office return that allows for the production of meatier fair.

A Little Swashbuckling Never Hurt

A film that takes risks, in grandiose fashion and with reckless abandon is sure to capture audience as well as academy attention. E.T. the Extra-terrestrial sits as the 4th biggest money maker in film history, won four Academy Awards in 1982 and was loaded with oodles of swashbuckling, including a drunken alien dressed like a girl and blatent product placement.

I apologize Stephen Spielberg for comparing your timeless classic to a pirate movie, but it follows the pattern as described above: Casting multi-demensional pirates (E.T.), special effects (and how!) and swashbuckling galore!

Check out Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End trailer for a sneak peek!

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