July 01, 2010

Did Chris Brown's Tears Wash His Sins Away?

There is no doubt Chris Brown felt emotion during his performance of 'Man in the Mirror' at the 2010 BET Awards. As a tribute to the late Michael Jackson (a controversial figure of his own), feelings were bound to be stirred up. This was also Brown's first public performance since he plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna as the two left another awards show related event. Crying may have been a result of built up tension, nerves, a suggestion by someone that it was high time for Brown to act like he did wrong.

The public has not been forgiving or kind to Brown, nor do they feel he has been particularly demonstrative in his shame, repentance or remorse. Although it is being reported that R & B artist Lloyd passed on some much needed advice to Brown on how little visible emotion he has displayed, it seems Lloyd does not want to be associated with any fakery that may have been involved with Brown boo-hooing on stage. He's asserting that he didn't tell Brown to cry.

Should you date Chris Brown? No. Is he a fantastic performer that deserved a good shunning? Yes. Is he going to win any brownie points from the public if he turns on the tears to try to win us back? We need to see real emotion, Chris.

Rapper Denies Advising Brown to Cry at BET Awards Show [theCMUwebsite.com]

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