December 13, 2007

Globe Nominations Leave Oscar Race More Uncertain

After months of speculation, the announcement of the 65th annual Golden Globe nominations this morning has left one thing clear, Atonement, is a bonafide front runner and Oscar contender. The film, based on the novel by Ian McEwan, received seven nominations including Best Motion Picture - Drama and actress and actor nods for Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. The uncertainty presents itself when we examine what films were missed for Golden Globe recognition.

Into the Wild was completely overlooked in all categories except Best Original Score and Best Original Song. Whether this quashes any hope for Academy Award nomination or actually opens the film up for Oscar contention is yet to be seen. The same theory may also hold true for other overlooked movies such as Knocked Up and Waitress. Who needs a golden globe when you can have a golden man?

Another interesting snub comes in the form of Homer Simpson. As a longstanding television show (having stood the longest throughout prime time series history), The Simpsons have never been nominated for a Golden Globe in any television category, ever. Despite being entwined in superlative hell, The Simpsons Movie captured the hearts and minds of the Hollywood Foreign Press voters and snagged a nomination over weaker competition (read Alvin and the Chipmunks and Meet the Robinsons). Improvement is still needed in the realm of motion capture when what should be a visually stunning film like Beowolf fails to impress against more traditional animation. As for Shrek the Third, three times just wasn't a charm.

The 80th Annual Academy Award nominations will be revealed on January 22, 2008. Let's hold any unfounded speculation until that time.

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