November 19, 2007

American Idol or AMA's? You Decide.

I have to admit, I rather enjoyed the American Music Awards show last night. Maybe even a little bit more than the CMA's a couple of weeks ago. I guess I like my T-Pain mixed with a sprinklin' of Sugarland, not to mention the giant elephant in the room, which no one seemed to mention. Or acknowledge. Or recognize. Or thank in any way.

I'll mention it now. The AMA's are now known as the American Idol Music Awards. Heh.

It went something like this:

Within the first twenty minutes, AI alum took over the show. There was Kellie Pickler and Jordin Sparks dancin' all Soulja Boy with Jimmy Kimmel. Didn't Pickler look cute and all confused? Then Carrie Underwood won her first of three awards of the night including, Favorite Country Female Artist, Favorite Country Album and the fan favorite text-in and vote category sponsored by T-Mobile. Then Underwood presented the award for Favorite Breakthrough Artist to Daughtry headed by frontman, Chris Daughtry a former American Idol-er. Then Seacrest showed up sans frosted tips and yammered on about I can't remember.


Then Daughtry won two more awards and thanked the fans a million times. But not American Idol, which brought the fans in the first place. Then Fantasia was nominated for Favorite Female Soul/R&B but lost to Rihanna. In order to punctuate continued AI dominance, Daughtry performed an acoustic version of Home, with AMA awards as home decor.

Finally, the Dreamgirls soundtrack was nominated for Favorite Soundtrack and as you know, American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson is a dreamgirl. So there's that.

By the way, where was Zac Efron and were the Jonas Brothers' stage rush by two girls escorted off by security at the end of S.O.S. planned or did the teeny-boppers just want to stop the so-pitch-y-you-can't-sing singing?

Personally, I loved the performance of Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown, T-Pain and the reflective-tape dancers. The three man upside-down marionette ending was funky and fresh. Check out the video, although it doesn't do the performance justice with all the flash bulbs poppin' off. Word.

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